Spanish Trail Crime

Crime is an unfortunate fact of life in modern day America, but there are a number of ways to mitigate your exposure to it. The most obvious step is to live in an area where there is statistical evidence of low crime, and another is to live in a guard gated community. Spanish Trail delivers both of these benefits, and is thus a preferred choice of the safety conscious. Every house in Spanish Trail is equipped with an alarm which is connected to the 24 hours on-site security team. You will see the private security pick-up trucks driving around at all times, and they have a very rapid response time when alarms go off. Despite this Spanish Trail crime exists.

It is important to remain vigilant even within Spanish Trail’s walls. Walls can be scaled, alarms can be neutralized, and many people come and go to visit the Country Club that the community is built around. If you become complacent and don’t used your alarm then you are taking an unnecessary risk. Whilst Spanish Trail crime is rare there have been a number of high profile cases.

In 1993 casino magnet Steve Wynn’s daughter was kidnapped at gunpoint from here home and held on a $1.45m ransom. The ransom for daughter Kevyn Wynn was paid and she was released unharmed. The not so smart kidnapper was promptly caught after paying cash for a Ferrari in California. Three men were jailed in all: Ray Cuddy, Jacob Sherwood.

Professional poker player Hoyt Corkins had his Spanish Trail home burgled, and the thieves calmly exited the community with two of his cars, a motorbike, poker memorabilia and electronics. Corkins’ irreplaceable World Series of Poker bracelet and World Poker Tour bracelet were taken.

These are reminders to take care even in the safe enclave of Spanish Trail. Since some people have empty second homes in the community, and others are incredibly wealthy, it can be a target of some criminals despite its tight security.

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