Ten Tips to Sell your Home

Whether you are selling your home yourself, or using and agent, here are ten quick tips to help you achieve a quick sale at a high price.

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1.Select an agent with expertise in online marketing. 9 out of 10 buyers use the internet in their home search, and amongst first time home buyers it is almost 100%. You need an agent that knows how reach these buyers in order to sell as quickly as possible at the maximum achievable price. (You can see how LVRE.com achieves that here.)

2.Set a realistic price. When you list you need to make the most of the marketing lift that comes with having a hot new property, and to do that you want to have it priced at market value. Work with an agent that prepares a detailed market analysis. Make sure there is some room to negotiate in the price you set – unless you are in a hot rising market it is not a good idea to list at the minimum price you would accept.

3.Ensure the home is tidy. As well as thoroughly scrubbing and polishing every surface you should make sure everything is tidy and uncluttered. You want the potential buyer to be able to visualize themselves living in the home… To read the full article subscribe for FREE via the box above.